How to Find Cheap Flights

The flight is always the barrier between us and our vacation. People (Americans specifically; don’t @ me) have the common misconception engraved in their head that if they want to venture across the pond to Europe or across the Pacific to Southeast Asia then it’s going to be 3k round trip.


Getting out of AMERICA can be more expensive; true. But it doesn’t need to be more expensive than a domestic flight like everyone believes.

You can fly round trip from Los Angeles to London (ACROSS THE WORLD) for 250-300 USD. ROUND TRIP. That’s cheaper than going from LA to Vegas in most cases.

Not only that but once you are in Europe, or Southeast Asia or wherever you are going you can get flights for as little as 20 dollars round trip…no, I’m not joking.

People in London can go to Italy for the weekend for 26 dollars round trip if they want to. Cheaper than my typical hungover Mcdonalds order.… 🙂

True story. I know because I’ve done it; many times.

No where in the world are there more expensive flights than in America; trust me, I get it. It is PRICEY to fly domestic, which is why most people have this crazy idea in their heads that they can’t afford a flight outside of the country.


Flights should not inhibit you from seeing the world. There are ways to find cheaper travel and I’ve broken it into a few tricks/ideas that should help.

Tips for Cheaper Flights:


  • Download this app RIGHT. NOW. This app allows you to research flights and most importantly: track them. It will tell you if you should “book now” or “wait for a better price”. If forecast says you should wait for a better price it will send you a notification when it is time to book and the price is lowest. It will also show you which days are cheaper to travel with a color code (green, light orange, orange, red, etc.) Who doesn’t love a good color coding. A LITERAL LIFE SAVER.


  • Another app you need to download RIGHT. NOW. It pulls ALL flights from all airlines (give or take a few tiny local ones) for you. Personally, I track my flights with Hopper, when it tells me to book I go to Skyscanner and I book there. Skyscanner also has a tracking function like Hopper; however, I just have always used Hopper for tracking, Skyscanner for booking.


  • Yet another life saving app :). This is so clever. Essentially you plug in your route and it will search flights for you. Typical. However, it will more importantly search for cheaper flights where your destination is just a layover. Meaning you’d just hop off the flight at the layover and not continue on. Genius.

Choose a *Smart* Airport:

  • Many people don’t know this but there ARE smart airports. The more well-known (and more populated) the city/airport the cheaper it will (probably) be. Do not book a round trip to Spain from Oklahoma or Columbus, Ohio. It’s probably not going to be pretty. For instance, flying from Phoenix to London round trip is a shorter distance but double the price than flying from LAX. That’s because Los Angeles is a more well known/populated city/airport (AKA more flights). Some “smart airports” below:
    • LAX – duh
    • JFK – duh
    • San Francisco
    • London (there’s like 6 airports in London; any of them are smart. Gatwick is probably the best when flying in Europe)
    • Rome
    • Bangkok
    • Dublin
    • Milan (there’s 2)
    • Fort Lauderdale
    • Chicago
    • Newark
    • Warsaw
    • Berlin
    • Iceland

Try different routes:

  • Your desired route is more than likely not going to be the cheapest. Play around with different flight options. Sometimes booking 2 one ways out of smart airports is cheaper than booking round trip to your destination. For instance, you may save money booking 1 round trip from LAX to London and then another London to Rome rather than booking round trip LA to Rome. Not always, but sometimes. You may save money booking a one-way into one smart airport and another one-way out of another airport. Trial and error and the potential to save hundreds of dollars is there.


  • This is just what I have always heard, but the best time to book a flight is on Tuesdays (afternoon). Apparently there have been studies pulled and other research done and this was the outcome so typically I’ll book always on Tuesdays.

Clear your cookies:

  • THEY’RE WATCHING US! just kidding, but kind of serious. If your phone or desktop or browser (whatever) sees that you have been researching flights to Munich, hotels in Munich, etc. then it’s going to hike up the prices. Clear your cookies before you book!

That’s it. You asked and now you have received. Those are my tricks for cheap flights. It’s trial and error and strategic planning. Plugging different flights in, different airports, trying different routes, trying one-ways versus round trips etc.

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? Hit me up for a customized itinerary for wherever you want to go.

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