What to Pack For A 7 Month Backpacking Trip



There are many things I would have changed in this arena and will be doing differently when I go again. My dad told me “wtf do you need 12 pairs of pants for.” He was so. right. The fact of the matter is: you WILL shop while you are abroad. If it’s chilly then go to H&M and buy a sweater for 12 euros. If your pants rip, then go buy a new pair for 15 euro. It’s so cheap over there at H&M and Zara that if you need something then you can go and get it. This includes toiletries, medicine, clothes, etc.

There is also such thing as laundry 🙂 You can wash your clothes whenever. Most hostels have laundry rooms for minimal cash, or you can go check out some laundromats. In the Middle East and Asia you can even have them do it all for you AND fold it for SO CHEAP. Like $6-10 USD.

Next time I go, I want to try to bring only one of the below. Either the backpack or the roller carry on. I haven’t decided which one. Probably the roller carry-on. Both were fine, but towards the end I was wishing I only had one lol.


I brought a backpack and a small carry-on sized suitcase.

This suitcase is amazing and from Samsonite. I got it on sale for like $87 off Amazon, but now it’s like $120. It’s hard-shell and double sided so it holds A LOT for being carry-on size. Click here to see it. Highly recommend just for life in general. Better than AWAY bags and half the price; don’t @ me sweetheart.

I did a LOT of research prior to purchasing my travel backpack. I ended up going with the Osprey Fairview 40. Click here to see it. It’s not one of those huge long travel backpacks it’s just a normal-sized turtle shell that holds a lot of stuff.

I had originally purchased the huge backpack (The Osprey Fairview 70 Travel Pack to be exact) but then realized I would have had to check it. The good thing about this one is that is zips off into a smaller day pack, but I still found it to be way too big.

Budget airlines in Europe and other countries are VERY strict with their carry-on luggage. Normally you can only have one piece of “hand luggage” or personal item. This is how they get you; they charge insane amounts for luggage that in America would probably pass for “carry-on”. A large travel pack carried on would not have made the cut. Meaning that I would have been checking TWO bags: my backpack and my roller bag. Absolutely the hell not; I do not think so.

This is why I returned the large pack in exchange for my “normal” sized turtle shell that I could carry on as my “personal item”.

PRO TIP SWEETIE: If you are flying Ryan Air get “Priority” add on. It’s only like $7 dollars and it includes TWO personal items rather than 1. I got away with both my items being carried on this way and surpassed paying the absurd checked luggage charges.

Both of the pieces of luggage I bought I am SO happy with; however, the amount of shit I put in them was SO unnecessary. I was so dramatic acting like I was going to have a fashion show or heading to prom every day while I was gone. You should have seen what I originally wanted to take it was psycho. Below is what I ended up with and would recommend.


The part where I screwed up 🙂

My advice? Bring things that can go with a lot of things and can be changed up easily. NEUTRALS. For ladies this means more outfit choices, less articles of clothing. Things like dresses and rompers are great too because it’s pants and shirt in one. Easy pack.

  • Pants:
    • 1 pair of jeans. They say not to pack jeans because they don’t pack well, but wtf I wasn’t about to go without jeans. They’re a staple…
    • 1-2 pairs of yoga pants; I had 1 pair and I was fine. If I was desperate and needed to wash them then I did it in the sink: easy.
    • 1 other pair of pants of your choice.
    • If you are a male then 2-3 pairs of pants. I brought like 12 originally and I sent them all home…regrets.
  • Shorts:
    • I lasted 7 months on 2 pairs of shorts. 2, only 2.
  • Shirts:
    • If you are male, then 7 shirts. One for each day of the week. If you are female we can wear crop tops, tanks, etc. that pack much smaller. This makes it easier. I personally had like 10-12 small shirts, crops, tanks. Pick neutral colors that go with anything.
  • Sweaters/Long Sleeves:
    • If you plan to be in colder weather then purchase your sweater from your local H&M or Zara when you get there. They’re so cheap and then you can choose to toss it or send home if you really love it that much once you’re done with it. They take up too much room. I brought 2 of them and then 1.5 weeks into my trip I sent them home. Lol. You have a jacket. Use it. It’s called layering.
  • Sweatshirt:
    • 1. That’s it.
  • Water Proof Wind Jacket:
    • I had to buy one when I was there because I was dumb and didn’t think I’d need one. You will 🙂 I recommend having one just in case. The Columbia ones like this are good because you can layer underneath and they’ll keep you dry. They pack small too.
  • Jean Jacket:
    • 1, I loved mine because it changed up an outfit but also kept me warm if needed. Brandy Melville – $30 🙂
  • Shoes:
    • Sandals. If you can; only bring 1 pair. (DO NOT bring platform cutie Steve Madden strappy sandals. Regrets, they don’t pack well). I suggest one pair like these, linked here. And one pair of normal flip flops (Rainbows). If you are a boy, 1 pair of sandals.
    • Tennis Shoes: 1 pair of converse or vans. They’re skinny and easy packs.
    • Active Shoes: I personally brought my Adidas Ultra Boosts because they’re comfy and durable AF. I wore them on all flights, hikes, etc. Preferably black ones (or some other dark color) because they’ll get dirty.
    • Boots: This was arguably unnecessary, but I was glad I brought them because I was in different seasons. I brought my Doc Martens. They’re cute in the Summer and needed in the Winter. Best of both worlds. I will bring mine again when I go. They’re so comfy and cute, but make sure you get the right ones. These (linked here) are the comfy good leather ones.
  • Pajamas:
    • 1 pair of sweats, 1 sleeping shirt; no more.
  • Socks/Underwear/belt/bras:
    • A good rule of thumb is to pack as much as you’d wear for 5-7 days. There is such thing as laundry.
    • 1 belt
    • 1 normal bra, 1 strapless bra or sticky bra, and 1 sports bra
  • Dresses/Rompers/Skirts:
    • 1-2 dresses (I wish I had brought more like 3)
    • 1-2 rompers
    • 2 skirts (one short, one midi and flowy)
  • Bathing suit:
    • 3 (choose them so you can mix and match for more options). Boys, swim trunks can act as shorts too for day-to-day wear.


  • Airpods: Controversial. In my opinion; just buy them. It’s annoying to have to stop watching your show on planes, trains, drives, because you need to charge your phone. They’re worth every penny. Selina even went and got some while we were there because she got so annoyed with her normal headphones.
  • Laptop: duh
  • iPhone: duh.
    • MAJOR KEY ALERT: I got a lot of questions on my pictures and what I use. All my photos and videos are/were taken ON MY iPHONE. You do not need to purchase or bring some big fancy camera. There’s no room for it and no need. Your iPhone will do better. Especially in *portrait mode* 🙂 DO NOT BRING A BIG FANCY CAMERA.
  • GoPro: I kind of wish I had bought one prior. It’s something I will change next time. They’re easy to pack and they go underwater. That’s the only reason. I wanted a camera that could capture underwater shots, and while a ratchet waterproof slip on my phone did work. The pictures and videos didn’t come out as clear as they could.


  • A reusable WATER BOTTLE; do yourself a favor and thank me later. Now, I am a big Hydroflask fan. I brought mine but it ended up being too big to fit in my bag and so I had to carry it and eventually forgot it on an airplane towards the beginning of my trip. Literally worse heartbreak than a break up. I’m going to recommend EANA bottles; here’s why. First of all, they’re small enough to fit snug in the water bottle pockets so you don’t have to lug it around and risk losing it. Second of all, depending on what bottle you choose they’ll provide a week of education to someone, cleanup 1kg of plastic in the ocean, or plant 10 trees. Third of all, they’re cheaper than hydroflask. I got the Tree one linked here and I personally love it. Oh, and you can fit ice cubes in it: KEY.

Use code: TRIPS&TRICKS for a discount.

  • Universal Converter: Preferably one with both the outlet AND the USB port too. Two birds, one stone. Here’s one similar to the one I’ve been using FOR YEARS. Click here to see it. Never failed me. Plus this has TWO USB ports; double the fun.
  • Travel Towel: YOU NEED. A LOT of hostels don’t provide towels. Also, if you’re going to the beach or waterfall chasing or whatever it is you’ll need this. I’ve linked mine here and I love it. Fast drying and easy packing. I’ve had it for years.
  • Passport and COPY of Passport: duh. But ALWAYS, keep a picture of your passport on your phone. Thank me later in case you lose yours, knock on wood.
  • Sunglasses: I wear these ones here if you give a shit 🙂 If you prefer to purchase cheaper ones then you can find the same looking ones on Amazon for pennies or Quay has good ones for half the price and look the same like these.
  • Purse/Crossbody/Fannypack: IMPORTANT. I used PacSafe cross body. Specifically this one linked here. It double locks, cannot be slashed, scanned etc. basically your stuff is on lock down in here. I HIGHLY recommend getting a PacSafe. This one linked here is good too. It’s a cross body and a fanny pack: 2 in 1. Better safe than sorry. People these days can scan through your bag to get your info, they can slash your bag and you won’t even know it, or they can just open it up and take all your shit when you least expect it. Thank me later and invest in this.


  • Spray tan on-the-go: I believe in sunscreen; sorry hoes. But I also refuse to be pasty, so I brought self tanner with me and it lasted a LONG time. When it ran out I bought it again in Europe 🙂 This goes in your checked bag because it’s almost impossible to find a self tanner that’s under 3oz. I’ve tried them all. There’s three that are trustworthy.
    • I LOVE Loving Tan 2 hr Express, good color and lasts a long time. It’s also in a smaller bottle so it takes up less room. Click here to get it.
    • I also used San Tropez Tan Express Bronzing Mousse a lot. It’s also sold at H&M in Europe so it was easy to restock. Link here.
    • Finally, Bondi Sands. Love them and they’re CHEAP, $19.79, and sold in MOST European beauty/CVS-type markets. Link here.
  • Mario Badescu Pink Lotion: Saving grace while traveling because with all the foods, time change, etc, the break outs will happen. HIGHLY recommend not leaving without this. It’ll last you a LONG time too. I had one, and I didn’t have to refill it until 6 months in. 17 dollars; amazing. Link here.
  • Midol/Ibuprofen/Advil: I don’t know why…but I think America is the only place that has Midol so THANK GOD I brought a lot with me. I just brought a baggie filled with all of them combined and that was it. Nothing else.
  • Toiletry Bag: I know you probably have one but this one just packs better and holds a LOT of stuff. I STILL use this thing because it holds so much….and it’s v cheap, only $14.99. Link here.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner bottles: Bring the little refillable containers and you can refill when you see leftover shampoos bottles in hostels, or if you go to hotels TAKE ALL OF THEM AND REFILL. It’s not as hard as you think to find a quick refill for these items. You’ll figure it out.
  • Hair Straightener: As far as hair goes, I only brought a flat iron. That’s it. Don’t bring a curling iron, don’t bring your blow dryer, you don’t need it.

I’m too kind and I even made it easy AF for you all. Download the links below to get your packing checklist.

Downloadable Packing Lists Below:



9 thoughts on “What to Pack For A 7 Month Backpacking Trip

  1. This is useful! Although I would add a few more bathing suits, especially if you’re going through South East Asia or anywhere beachy. They pack small and you can basically live in them! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Over the years traveling I’ve come to realize that less is more. It sounds impossible to make it with few items, but it’s absolutely doable! Cool list, by the way! Hope more people get into the trend of traveling light. It’s great for you back, your pocket and the environment!


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