About Me

WELCOME TO SHOW BIZ BABY! It’s taken me a hecking lot of wine and flight time to think about whether or not I should do this. 35+ flights to be precise.  But per usual (despite some haters), I said “Screw it, I am doing it.” A lot of you have been asking me questions about my journey throughout the months, so welcome. Here it is.

For those of you who do not know me, I’m Haley Binnette. Just a typical California girl with a passion to travel. In my life, I’ve visited 6/7 continents and over 65 countries in total. As I write this, I just ordered another plastic glass of white wine on my flight back to Los Angeles after seven months of being abroad traveling the world. 30+ new countries, 64 cities. Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, you name it baby.

I’m also planning more journeys abroad in the near future so the list of recommendations will continue to grow.

The point of this blog/website/whatever the hell you want to call it is to inspire you to travel more, use your PTO, give you local recommendations for wherever it is you want to go, provide you with insight/tips/tricks on how I did it on a budget, show you that traveling is NOT as expensive as you think it is (lord have mercy if I hear another person say they cannot afford it I am going to lose it), and maybe even convince you to quit your job and go like I did. WHO KNOWS.

I’m an open book and my passion is to help people travel and figure out ways to make it cheap/work for them. I welcome all questions, coffee dates, pick my brain messages, etc. so of course feel free to contact me whenever with whatever.

Travel changed my life; my only hope is that I can get others to do the same to change theirs too. Let’s see how this goes…